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any crafters out there want to swap ideas and craft updates?

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Question by Lolcat: any crafters out there want to swap ideas and craft updates?
I'm a crafter, of course, but I do numerous things and would love to share ideas and tips with anyone willig. ๐Ÿ˜€
here are the things i do:
Altered book art
flower pressing
painting (surrealism)
sketching (realism)
I have stuff to make:

oh yes I do beading and sewing as well! haha so many things to do I often forget. I have made man MANY things out of seed beads for the local elementary school's fundraisers ๐Ÿ˜€

I ate a seed bead once. o.o it wasn't on purpose though!

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Answer by thejanith
That sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, my hobbies and yours don't overlap; I guess I'm not a good candidate for that. I do more bead-and-wire jewelry, knitting, sewing, and other such things as those.

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2 Responses to “any crafters out there want to swap ideas and craft updates?”
  1. pryncess921 says:

    Yes! In what way would you like to do it? I’m a scrapbooker/cardmaker. I have a forum website for this kind of thing that I am trying to get going. http://www.mybookinonline.com

    Let me know!!

  2. Rachel says:

    What kind of soaps do you make?
    I’m a soapmaker that does Cold process, melt & pour & rebatch.

    If your interested I can refer you to some soapmaker’s yahoo groups, they can be quite fun.

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