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Any Ideas…trying to help some local kids get what they need to start their club.?

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Question by Jennifer: Any Ideas...trying to help some local kids get what they need to start their club.?

I am trying to help some local kids start up a Craft & Scrapbooking club. They use to be in one called The Scrappers and Crafters Den, until budget cuts forced the school to cut the program and left about 35 kids without a group to be in. They lost their group at the beginning of this year. Which is sad to me. Now they are left without a group that they actually and truly enjoyed being in.

Does anyone know where these kids can go to get supplies donated to them? They are not a non profit orgaization. They are just kids who want to continue doing what they love.

The majority of the kids that are apart of this group are all A/B honor roll students and some are part of the National Junior Honor Society.

If anyone have any ideas or are willing to help out please contact me.

The kids of the newly formed club The Scrappin & Craftin Kids Klub thank you!

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Answer by Randy
Talk with your public library. Some of them have clubs available for teens, and yours may want to start one.

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