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Are you a hobby person & or crafter ? What is your Favorite ? How long have you been doing it ?

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Question by Geedebb: Are you a hobby person & or crafter ? What is your Favorite ? How long have you been doing it ?
Let me know your age, and how you got started ! It would also be interisting to know where you are from . I live in Florida , and I have several crafts I enjoy . I do Scrapbooking , floral arranging , plastic canvas needle point , I make Cigar box purses and gift baskets !
I'm 52 yrs. old , and my late Aunt Betty got me started crafting 30 years ago to keep me busy while my children were away for the summer to keep me from going crazy !

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Answer by Wolf
Lately I've been miniature painting. It's sort of taken over my living room with paints and files and all the etcetera. I enjoy it a lot.

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8 Responses to “Are you a hobby person & or crafter ? What is your Favorite ? How long have you been doing it ?”
  1. Julia says:

    I’m 34 and like knitting and beading. I taught myself both about 1-2 years ago. I also like calligraphy, but need to get back to doing that.

  2. Groove says:

    I’m 26, i live in PA, I like doing holiday Crafts, Wood working, painting, Making small orniments for my nieces and nephew.

    I also like painting and drawing pictures alot as well……
    I got started a few years ago when my mom got into crafts. i was always a fan of the arts but then i noticed crafts can be just as fun and more rewarding.

  3. martin r says:

    i,m a petrol head born and bred so a hobby person

  4. Datura says:

    Let’s see, I’m 25 and do lot’s of crafts on and off as the whim takes me.

    My favorite is to make jewelry, but I don’t do it constantly, just when I’m feeling inspired. I’d like to learn more in the silver smithing vein.

    I like to make cards using stamps and such and have just made a bunch of Halloween themed ones. I’ll attempt some x-mas ones if I have the time. (I hope I do!)

    When I was younger, I made ten thousand pot holders and recently got back into weaving more pot holders.

    I’d like to learn how to do free-style embroidery as it’s much less confining than counted cross stich.

    I work on other stuff, but not enough to include here. I love to craft!

    Oh yeah, I plan on making fizzy peppermint bath salt soaks, and brown sugar/vanilla lip scrubs for x-mas this year for all of my girls, I’m really excited about that!

  5. Happy-Penguin says:

    Yes, I enjoy crafts, mainly beading, but also crochet and tapestry, and drawing, if that counts.

    I am 27, and have been into crafts since childhood.

  6. kat g says:

    I am 26, and I crochet a lot; but I also make jewelry. The jewelry I make is under the ‘chainmaille’ or ‘maile’ category. I got into that when I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival and saw a bracelet that I liked. My boyfriend at the time bought it for me, and after I got home I noticed it wasn’t of the best craftsmanship and decided I could do better. I did some research online for supplies and have been making and selling it for 6 years.

  7. Tammy says:

    I have tried several things and i am good at them, but with 4 kids at home and 1 with Diabetes I don’t find the time to do them. But the things I did were making pinatas, and glass boxes with preserved real butterflies, and cool kids cakes. I am 33,and I just seen theese things in a magazine with dirrections on how to do them thought it would be fun si I did it.

  8. PAPABILL says:

    Well I’m 50+.I do crafts woodwork mainly.But I have hobbies that I participate in such as ; painting(landscapres),shell collecting (sea shells),autograph collecting,die cast motorsports cars.I have been known to combine the 2 and us damaged shells in woodwork projects.
    Yhen there are times that my wife gets met to help with her scrapbooking.I guess I do keep my hands busy.

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