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Cricut Machines – How To…

Cathy Scraps asked: Cricut Machines - How To Would you love to create custom scrapbooking layouts or paper crafts? Do you ever wish that you could cut any shape you wanted to and not be bound by the limitations and problems that accompany using punches? Look no further; the Cricut (pronounced "cricket") is a revolutionary personal cutting machine,... [View the Products]

Cricut Machine – Easy Scrapbooking with Cricut Cutter

A few years ago, Provo Craft decided to really change the world of scrapbooking by releasing the Cricut product line. The Cricut machine is a cartridge-based electronic die-cutting machine. The Original Cricut Machine was released (also known as the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter), with the ability to cut images onto paper using a 6 by 12- inch... [View the Products]

Awesome Cricut Projects

Amazing Cricut Projects - YOU Can Create! Do you long to tap into your hidden creativity and complete a fantastic Cricut project?  Do you look at completed scrapbooking and paper craft projects only to think you couldn't possibly create something that lovely? We often want to design and make beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts, and crafts that will... [View the Products]

Cricut Design Studio Software – 7 Tips to Get Started With

Congratulations on your purchase of the Cricut Design Studio software.  Now, I'm sure you would like to know in a few easy steps, how to jump start your learning of the Design Studio program. Cricut Design Studio has every available cartridge loaded into the program. You can create all kinds of cutting files with any cartridge they offer. While that... [View the Products]

Cricut Design Studio Review – Cricut Scrapbookers Must-have Tool

Many crafting creators have fallen in love with Cricut Personal Electronic Diecut Machine, the Cricut.  A new addition to the already popular machine is a new addition called Cricut Design Studio. Cricut Design Studio is a computer software program created by Provocraft, the designers of the Cricut machine. While the machine itself allows the user... [View the Products]

Cricut Scrapbooking Machine Ideas & Tips

There are many awesome crafts you can create using scrapbooking machines. The Cricut personal die cutting machine, created by Provo Craft, is a wealth of creative die cut possibilities for all your projects including scrapbooking. Its dozens of cartridge options make it easy to find shapes, fonts, and elements for any of your creative endeavors. Once... [View the Products]

Stampin’ Up! – What a Story

The Stampin Up! Company was originally founded by two sisters, LaVonne Crosby and Shelli Gardner in 1988. Both sisters were interested in finding a home based business opportunity that involved their passion of rubber stamping. The sisters searched and searched for such a business and quickly discovered nothing like it existed. Therefore, they decided... [View the Products]

Short Guide on Cricut Scrapbooking Machines and Cricut Cartridges

About using Cricut cartridges... If you love creating custom scrapbooking layouts or paper crafts and you're tired of searching through craft stores, or you are looking for perfect scrapbooking machines, look no further - there are the perfect scrapbooking and stamping products for you! The Cricut (pronounced like cricket) is a personal electronic... [View the Products]

Cricut Expression Machine – Scrapbooking and Other Uses

The Cricut Expression machine is a wonderful investment for not only scrappers, but teachers, parents, and people who homeschool their children, as well. If you're looking to buy a new (or used) scrapbooking machine, the Cricut Expression is probably just what your projects need. Although, it might be a little more expensive than some of the other... [View the Products]

Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials – 4 Ways to Find It

You can acquire the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials easily, if you know the right tricks - it's not that hard to do. If you plan on purchasing the Cricut Accent Essentials at a regular retail store, you'll be out of luck - they just aren't there. Cricut sold the Accent Essentials cartridge exclusively with the Expression machine, so you won't find... [View the Products]

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