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Q&A: Has anyone tried the Cricut expressions scrapbooking machine?

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Question by L. J: Has anyone tried the Cricut expressions scrapbooking machine?
It's expensive and I want to know if anyone has it and likes it. Would anyone recommended it?

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Answer by dirtbikechick
I have it and it is fantastic!!!!!!!
I use it so much and it is great for projects and scrapbooking. It is worth the money definately!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Has anyone tried the Cricut expressions scrapbooking machine?”
  1. bexsie says:

    If your concern is the price. Why not go with the Original Cricut or the Cricut Create? Their below $ 300. At Walmart (if you access to one) their $ 189 (or so). The Expression if you order it online from Walmart.com its at $ 349 for it & comes with a bonus cartridge.

    Otherwise, its around $ 500-600 for it. Very expensive. The Original Cricut is as good as the Expression. I am hoping one day to get that one but til now, I am happy with my Original Cricut.

    Good Luck

  2. drip says:

    I have seen the Expression for under $ 300 at several places. My sister-in-law loves hers. She uses the Design Studio software with it. She uses a lot in cardmaking.

    To give you some tips. If you do get it, take the time to play with it several times before you actually use it on a project. Have it out somewhere where you can easily use it. Somewhere it can be plugged in at all times. The more accessible it is the more you will find yourself using it.

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