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Q&A: I want to start a hobby but dont know how to start. either scrapbooking or something with pottery.?

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Question by butterflyharmon: I want to start a hobby but dont know how to start. either scrapbooking or something with pottery.?
I would think i would enjoy both. scrapbooking i have a 20 m/o girl who ihave tons of pic online and dont know what to do with them. and with pottery ever since ihave been watching crafters coast to coast it looks fun and interesting. I have limited experience in cross stitch and good knowledge in sewing. so i dont know which would be better for me with the experience i have. if u have any other suggestions i would greatly appreciate it as well.

Also i tend to start things and not finish if they are too overwhelming. I am bipolar and my moods shift. so whatever it will be needs to keep my interest.

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Answer by mitch4eva10
do scrapbooking. it makes alot of good memories.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: I want to start a hobby but dont know how to start. either scrapbooking or something with pottery.?”
  1. ericcartmanismylovechild says:

    Scrapbooking is fun. It would be a good project for you. It’s easy to walk away and go back a week or a month later and pick right back up. Check out your local craft or scrapbook store. They can offer lots of help and usually have classes or “crop parties”.

    I’d like to get into ceramics as well, they offer it at the community college here. I hope to take it when I can fit it in my schedule.

  2. rsbb#44 says:

    do wat feels rite 2 u…find something thats wont bored u…but wont overwellming…just in the middle but make sure its something u like

  3. Pamela G says:

    I love scrapbooking. I am very busy most of the time, and it is great for me. I do it when I can and let it go when I can’t. It isn’t overwhelming. It is also as easy as you want or as hard as you want.

    I would suggest contacting a creative memories consultant. They have low cost workshops to help get you started. I know that the one in my area meets once a month, I only went to one or two meetings. Then I bought a pattern book and do it on my own. It is fun and easy. Go for it. Especially with a 20 m/o.

  4. Jase says:

    I would suggest scrapbooking and pottery! I know of places where you can go and do your pottery, they can help you and, well, they’re kinda like stores where you go in and pick what you want and then make it. Also, with your daughter’s age, in a year or two there are going to be great hobbies that can incorporate her and you can start your own! You would definitely be giving her a creative piece of life too! If you still don’t know, stores like michaels and hobbylobby have a calender of classes on different crafts and hobbies. They generally have a small fee, but it might be worth it to go to a couple and see what strikes you!

  5. norag says:

    for pottery, look up a ceramic store in ur yellow pages and for scrap booking go to ur nearest craft store

  6. MISS_UNIVERSE says:

    Do what u like

  7. Flea© says:

    They both have their pros and cons.
    • Scrapbooking is cheaper, more portable, and less difficult than pottery; but you get addicted quickly, end up with tons of stuff you “will use one day”, and like every other scrapper I know, you buy a bunch of things to scrapbook even faster and better that you end up never using!
    • Pottery, depending on the type ( basic ceramics or throwing) can create functional and decorative items, relieves stress, and can extend into a business easily ( either through your finished product or servicees of kiln, wheel rental, etc.). The equipment and supplies are pretty expensive, you have less control over the finished item ( not good for us control freaks), and it takes a lot of practice to gain skills.
    Hope you choose what you think is best!

  8. Keely says:

    I would suggest scrapbooking. It is a great way to relax, create art, and re-live fun family memories. Your daughter will love growing up seeing herself in her own special book, and you will feel great about doing it.

    If you have a ton of photos online like you said, you may try online photo processing such as wallgreens.com/photo Here you can upload your photographs and pick them up at the store about an hour later.

    You can find tons of FREE scrapbook ideas at http://www.scrapbook.com/scrapbook_layouts/index.php

    Have fun and enjoy your new hobby!

  9. elaeblue says:

    Do some of all of them.Scrapbooking is lots of fun but without inspriation it seems like I do all the same things over and over. Also nice because its one page at a time so easy to finish the one page and put in book til you do another. Pottery requires a lot of hand strength (you might go to a pottery place and try it first as it is an expensive hobby). the sewing would be fun to make one of a kind beautifull clothes for your little one. If you limit your hobbies to just one then you are more likely to quit doing it after a short while. With several hobbies you can pick an choose according to your day an budget.

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