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What cutting machine for scrapbooking should I get?

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Question by Debbie H: What cutting machine for scrapbooking should I get?
I am doing some scrapbooking (but not alot). I was told I should get a Cricut but they are expensive. I see they have a portable one and that they also have a machine called the Slice. Are any of these worth the price or is there something else?

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Answer by crazyj89
I used to work at Michaels and I'd see a lot of hardcore scrapbookers getting Cricut machines and the cartridges. The Cricut machine is great if you do a ton of scrapbook and are very involved--it can do intricate cut outs in various sizes, as well as cut through paper and vinyl. There are a ton of cartridges available, but they are also expensive. It is a super nice machine that cuts out letters and picture-like things (ie. if you buy the Disney cartridge, it can cut out Mickey). However, I would not suggest paying the money for it if it is going to sit in your closet until you get around to using it once every two or three months. I don't know about the small one.

The other option is die cutters, of which there are many options, like Sizzix, Cuttlebug, and Slice. These also require you to buy a machine (non electric, I believe) and dies. I'm not sure how they work.

There are also cheap cutters that work like hole punches except they punch out different shapes in different sizes instead of just a small circle. But they are bulky and you'd have to buy a lot of them in order to really get use unless you only wanted to make a bunch of three inch hearts.

All of these options are pretty costly if you want to do anything fancy. The Cricut machine is definitely the nicest option, then the die cutters, then the cheap hole-punch things. Sometimes Michaels has small versions of the hole-punch things in their dollar bin with shapes like hearts or squares.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I think your option is to cut shapes out yourself.

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