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What do you like best about your cricut scrapbooking machine?

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Question by sizesmith: What do you like best about your cricut scrapbooking machine?
I scrapbook some, but not for money, and not everyday. I'm trying to figure out if it will be good for me to use in the long run, or if I'd be better off using stickers for letters and shapes.

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Answer by brownbear33
i have one and it is the best thing ever, though if you want EVERY cartrige for it, it does get a little expensive. and it is great for posters and projects for yourself, or your children (if you have any). I would suggest anyone to get it! It is cool to fool around with too!

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5 Responses to “What do you like best about your cricut scrapbooking machine?”
  1. jncsklvr says:

    I love my Cricut, and besides letters, there are tons of shapes and other things you can do with it. Each cartridge has lots of different features. I recommend going to http://www.cricut.com and exploring all the cartridges available before you decide. If it’s only for personal use, I recommend buying the original and not the expression. There’s no need for it for just scrapbooking. It can be a huge investment if you want to buy a bunch of cartridges, but I have a bunch and I love the versatility. Just do your research and enjoy it if you do get it.

  2. Maggie G says:

    I do not like the circuit (or other machines of this type). Mine is collecting dust right now. It is not versatile enough. It will only cut paper and if it is not a good quality card stock, you will have problems. I prefer my die cutting system, because I use it for so much more than scrapbooking. You can cut through any kind of paper, fabric etc. I have used the shapes in sewing, decorating, scrapbooking.

  3. Tiana M says:

    I never run out of letters, and I can have them in any size and color. It save me so much time. I have one in my class too, it’s really great.

  4. drip says:

    My sister in law has one and finds she uses her Sizzix more. A Sizzix die cut machine can take most other brands die cuts and embossing plates. It is just faster. I have pondered buying a Cricut, but have decides to add to my Sizzix collection. I like that I can cut almost any paper, wood, metal etc from it.

    If you do get the Cricut get the new one, (it has a lager cutting serface and cuts thicker paper) and know you will need time to play with it before actually using it for projects. Have a space where it is out and plugged in, ready to go when you are scrapping. I know many scrappers who have a cricut gathering dust on a shelf because it was too much trouble to get it out and set it up.

  5. molly j says:

    I love the money it has saved me on buying dimensional stickers, the friends I have made on the cricut messageboard, and the fact that it is so versatile. It cuts all thicknesses of paper, acrylic, and fabric if done correctly. It is easy to set up. It cuts things at basically any size you want whereas the die cut systems like sizzix and cuttlebug only cut the size you have. there are over a hundred different cartridges to buy that have hundreds of images to cut. there is also an option to hook up to the computer with a design studio to draw your own cuts. i wouldn’t craft anything without it. i make cards, gift toppers, scrapbooks, boxes, bags, tags, vinyl letters, wall decorations and so much more. it is a wonderful machine. what do you like best about yours?

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