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What do you think about the Cricket Scrapbooking Machine?

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I want to be a cricket scrapper and I'm new choosing papers, designs and creating good looking cards. Do you know anything about the cricket scrapbooking machine? Is it a great machine to use?


2 Responses to “What do you think about the Cricket Scrapbooking Machine?”
  1. TheCricketLady says:

    I absolutely love the cricket cutter. I really enjoyed card making and scrapbooking before. But now with the Cricket cutter my craft has grown way beyond simple handcut designs and a whole lot less expensive than buying all those stickers.. Provo did and incredible job way beyond the usual craft of scrapbooking. Love the Cricket for card making and scrapbooking and so many other applications!

  2. drip says:


    There is a huge learning process to this machine. Do Not expect to take it out of the box and be able to do everything it is capable of. I would highly recommend finding a cricut class. You best bet is to find someone (maybe at a crop) who will let you demo it.

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